Planning Your Success

Becoming an entrepreneur is an exciting adventure that will surely have ups and downs, but be well worth the effort, should you be a leader in your area. When you decide to “go your own way”, it’s important to remember these keys to success: 


Becoming an entrepreneur requires heavy commitment. In fact, aside from your family, your business needs to be your number 1 priority. Get excited about working 12 hour days and getting your business moving quickly. There is a lot to do and without your full commitment, your business will struggle to survive. Remember, when you’re not working, your competition is. 


Treat your new business like a real job. Schedule breaks, lunches and a time to be off. Plan on working long hours? Put it in your calendar. Make use of today’s technology and free applications that help you succeed every day. At the end of every day, go over your schedule for tomorrow. 

Obey your schedule! If you’ve scheduled yourself to write articles from 10-12 tomorrow, start writing at 10 and stop at 12. Move on to your next event and schedule whatever you didn’t finish for tomorrow. If you successfully follow your schedule, you will accomplish so much and at the end of every week, you’ll see all the progress you’ve made.  

Setting Goals and Deadlines 

You need to set project goals and dates that they need to be completed by. Figure out how much time it will take to complete the project and divide that total into hours you can work on it each day. If you assume building a new website will take you 100 hours and you’re going to spend 3 hours a day on it, schedule your completion date 33 days out and schedule 3 hours of work for 33 days devoted to the project.  


Being active will allow better blood flow to your brain and also relieve and help prevent a lot of stress that you may have about your business. It’s a very good cool down time for you and you will find that a lot of solutions and ideas come to your mind while working out. Living a healthy lifestyle is a very important key to growing a successful online business.