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The Importance of Leadership

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself, “am I a leader?” Many of us see ourselves as leaders more than followers and never stop to think about our actions in daily life that may or may not represent leadership. Leadership is not important solely for teams or large groups of people, it’s important for ourselves as well. Being a good leader should constantly carry over into all aspects in your life, it really should just be who you are 

From your partners in business, to your friends, wife, husband or kids, take a deep look at yourself and think about your latest actions or inactions. Are you a little bit more timid around some people? Are you too strong around others? Now take a look at yourself from an outside view. Did you stay true to your diet today? Did you make it to the gym or all of your appointments on time? Did you keep that promise that you made? A leader would have.  

Being a leader is about being strong. Looking ahead and being aware of his or her surroundings, emotionally, physically and mentally. Anticipating the outcome of the next event in their life and things that may alter the current trajectory of the plan. Being a leader truly has to be a lifestyle and has to be maintained constantly.  

So why is having a leadership mentality so important for you and your daily life or business?  

You may not realize it, but a lot of people don’t lead their own lives. Sure, they may make a plan or plans of some sort for various things, but they don’t map it out entirely. It’s more of a vision of the endgame and no thought out, logical way to actually achieve that vision. Leaders make plans. They map out the area, as stated earlier, they’re looking ahead and aware of their surroundings.  

Being a leader is work. Looking at someone with the traits listed above, you may know someone that is very much like this. A person that is often in thought, calm, a perfectionist, possibly even annoyingly so. Monitoring every moment of his or her life, controlling all aspects within reason.  

Are you that person?  

If you’re not, you need to be. There is something all leaders have in common – They have what they want. They do what is necessary to constantly achieve goals that are always changing and being created. Leaders are on the move. Leaders do not let things or people slow them down. Leaders lead to victory, in their life or in others.  

Being a leader is not just important for your work, social and love life. Being a leader is vital to your own success and the necessary piece required to lead the others in your life. You can’t lead others and you can’t lead a business without first leading yourself.

The Mindset

Building a business online requires a lot of skills in a lot of different areas. There is a mindset that you must have in order to build a successful business from the ground up. While it would be nice to just come up with an idea, throw together a website and start making money right off the bat, that’s just simply not how it works. Building a business, be it online or in the physical world, takes a lot of time, energy and money. It takes a special kind of person to build an online business, but with the right goals in mind, the right thought processes, and the heart to succeed in what may sometimes feel like certain failure, you and your business will grow. 

Your business is really an outward expression of yourself. 

When you’re starting your business, you’re building your vision. You have an idea and a glimpse of what you want to create and begin building upon those thoughts. The way you market, the colors you choose, the logo you create, the people you hire, are all reflections of you. It’s important that you realize this because it can help you speed up the entire process. Take a bit of time, really look at who you are, how people perceive you and ask yourself, what do I want? That is an incredibly important question that you need to answer right off the bat. Are you looking for high profits? Are you looking to help as many people as you can? Are you an inventor? Start thinking of the colors you want to display, the photos you want to display, the videos and business cards that you want to have. Your business is a beautiful piece of art and you have a blank canvas to paint whatever idea you have, however you want to paint it. 

The better you understand yourself and your goals, the better your business will be. 

As you begin to answer these questions, it’s important that you write everything down. As you grow and as time passes, the ideas that will spread through your brain will cause confusion and you will end up with a lot of unfinished projects and a lot of frustration if you try to complete them all right away. At times it may be overwhelming and you might want to just give up. You’re stronger than that and you will learn that as you continue moving forward. It’s easy to be working on one portion of your business, have a fantastic idea, stop what you’re doing and begin working on that new idea. That’s terrible because the project you were previously working on is now neglected and it may be hard to get back into the same mindset you were in. When that bright idea pops into your head, you need to write it down 

Create a list of things that you need to accomplish. You will always be adding to this list, but you need to have a step by step approach to build your business from the ground up. This way, you can see your ideas going into action and being completed in entirety. Here’s an example, let’s say that you were building a website from scratch. You don’t want to start making 7 different pages all at once just because you start to have many ideas. Start with your home page and complete it. Then go through your home page and build the rest of your site around your home page. Of course, that’s just an example, run your business as you wish. At the beginning of each week, have set objectives or projects that you will complete and never move on until your project has been completed.  

Time management is the key to your success. 

Time management is one of the most important skills that you need to master. You really need to be on a schedule, from the time you start working on your business, to the time you take your first break and the time that you finish for the day, these all need to be on schedule. You need to treat your business like a job, because, it is a job. It’s your job and you’re the boss. Think about being the boss of someone else and telling them what you want accomplished and by when. This mental image may help you expect more out of yourself and also help you know what needs to be done. You’re the manager, you’re the CFO, you’re the owner, remember that.  

Being active is very important when taking on a business full time. 

If you’re heading your business full time, you need to make time to exercise. You need to release the stress that you have and you need to get your blood going. Your brain works better when you have an active lifestyle. If you find yourself sluggish or struggling to produce results or ideas, take some time off. Go on a nice walk, spend some time with friends. Your happiness can dramatically change the results you’re seeing in your business. You need to be confident, you need to be relaxed and have faith in yourself and know that there is no mountain you can’t climb, there’s no challenge that you will back down from. Being active will help with all of this, that’s both socially and physically. Even if you’re not a people person and just have a few close friends, get with them and just get away for a bit. We are social creatures and we need the interaction. 

You need to be the business owner. Remove anything from your life that stops you from achieving your goals. The truth is, you have to let go of the baggage. This can be hard with friends and old habits, but you must take this new life on at full throttle and cut the drag. It’s difficult with friends, so start slow if you have that friend or those friends that unknowingly prevent you from excelling. It’s lonely at the top and it’s that way for a reason. You need to find out what you want out of your business and your life. Surround yourself with like-minded people. No matter what you do in life, you’re the product of your environment, so surround yourself with people and opportunities that always give you the best chances for success.  

Look at yourself, find out who you are and who you want to be. Your business is can be anything you want it to be, you just have to have the right mindset.